Diagnostic Support,

MedBrain is a diagnostic support system for healthcare
professionals working in resource-scarce settings.


A Global Diagnostic Gap

4 Billion patients are suffering from a severe shortage in diagnostic hardware, which requires maintenance and trained personnel. The hardware paradigm is perpetuating the global diagnostic gap.

Access to a Clinical Laboratory

37/49 Sub-Saharan African Nations have zero clinical laboratories accredited to basic international quality standards [1988 USA CLIA & ISO 15189].


Access to a Pathologist

46/ Million population

<1/ Million population


Access to a Radiologist

98/ Million population

<2/ Million population


Access to a CT Scanner

>38/ Million population

0,7/ Million population


Half of the world’s population has
no access to diagnostic resources

Clinical Labs



CT Scanners


A Reliable Clinical Diagnosis,
Available to Every Patient

MedBrain guides physicians, nurses, and community health workers
through every step of the diagnostic process and helps them
reach accurate diagnoses with primary care resources.

Clinical Interview

Presenting Complaint and Medical History. Insertion of Symptoms and Related Factors.

Physical Examination

Guided, Focused Examination. Insertion of Physical Signs.

Differential Diagnosis

Dynamic, Focused Re-questioning and Re-examination, Based on the Data Inserted.

Diagnostic Prediction

MedBrain delivers an Accurate Diagnostic Prediction and patient Management Plan.

We Have Measured An 83%
Diagnostic Accuracy

With 250 Patient Cases

A market-wide systematic review (W. Wallace et al., 2022) published
in Nature collected diagnostic accuracy averages from 9 different
publications, which ranged from 19% to 37% across the entire
Diagnostic Decision Support System (DDSS) market.

MedBrain outperformed all DDSSs evaluated in the literature, providing
correct diagnostic predictions in 208 of the 250 externally sourced patient
cases. Our validation can be reproduced by any third party by accessing
our public dataset and introducing cases into MedBrain.

Meet Our Team

MedBrain exists at the intersection of clinical medicine and data science. Our highly experienced engineering and analytics team is powered by Lambdaloopers. Our medical advisory board includes 25+ NHS physicians who work closely with us, sharing their expertise and advising us throughout our journey.

Pol Ricart, MD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Iñaki Alegría, MD MSc

Chief Medical Officer

Alex Cáceres, BSc MSc

Chief Technology Officer

Pol Ricart, MD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Pol is a medical doctor and former resident in neurosurgery at the NHS. After acknowledging the global diagnostic gap and the potential of data science in diagnostics, he left his career in neurosurgery to build MedBrain full-time.

As CEO, he leads innovation by identifying market needs and leveraging data science, medical statistics, and gathering clinical feedback from our team of medical advisors and from different stakeholders in the healthcare industry. He runs daily operations, helping lead our medical and engineering departments to ensure OKRs are met.

Pol has been previously selected as a Global Top 50 entrepreneur by The Kairos Society (K50, 2017) and by Singularity University (Global Grand Challenge Awards, 2017), and has been featured as a Top 50 Global Entrepreneurs to Watch in the Next Decade, by Inc. magazine.

Pol studied multilateralism, diplomacy, and humanitarian action at the United Nations (2019). This experience helped shape his understanding of the massive inequities in global health. He also studied Neurobiology and Social Entrepreneurship at Harvard University (Extension School, 2011).

Iñaki Alegría, MD MSc

Chief Medical Officer

Iñaki is a medical doctor and specialist in paediatrics. He graduated from the University of Barcelona and specialized in pediatrics at the General Hospital of Granollers (Barcelona). He also obtained a master’s degree in international health and cooperation from the Autonomous University of Madrid and is certified with advanced pediatric and neonatal life support (ALSN) by the European Resuscitation Council.

His vocation to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable children led him to Ethiopia and to found the NGO Alegria Sin Fronteras (www.alegriasinfronteras.org). In Ethiopia, where he has more than 10 years of professional experience, he has worked as medical director at Gambo General Hospital (www.gambohospital.org ). He has worked on the front line in the response to the COVID19 pandemic, measles epidemics, and participated in the improvement of the national maternal and child health program supporting Ethiopian health institutions. He has extensive experience in coordinating emergency nutritional projects, maternal and child health, and has led a wide range of health projects in Ethiopia, Senegal, and Angola. Iñaki is president of the cooperation section of the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB) and member of the committee of experts of the FCOMCI (Foundation for International Cooperation of the Collegiate Medical Organization). He is also a member of the international cooperation working groups of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics.

In addition to his healthcare and humanitarian work, he also develops his career as a university professor, teaching courses in medical school on the most prevalent diseases of childhood (Integrated Management of Child Health Illness) and is regularly invited as a speaker at national and international conferences, such as the World Pandemics Forum. His work and career have been recognized with national awards such as the Spanish Association of Pediatrics or the International Health Society and at the international level where the Ubuntu award as a social leader for the defense of health, awarded by the Euro-African forum, stands out. He has been interviewed by many national and international media and recognized by iSanidad as one of the forty professionals to transform the healthcare system.

Alex Cáceres, BSc MSc

Chief Technology Officer

Alex is an experienced, full stack software engineer. He leads our software development team at MedBrain. Alex constitutes the bridge between the engineering and medical teams, and helps provide technological solutions to MedBrain’s innovation requirements.

Before embarking on MedBrain, Alex had previously successfully developed projects in the MedTech, Cybersecurity, Legal, and Travel industries.

He has a postgraduate Degree in Full Stack Web Technologies (UPC Technology Center), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering (UPC School of Aerospace Engineering).

Alex’s technical skills include: Languages/Frameworks: Javascript / Typescript – Node, Express, React. Python – Django. Java – Spring. PHP – Laravel, Infrastructure: MySQL – MongoDB – PostgreSQL. Kubernetes – Docker. CI/CD – Jenkins – Bash Scripting. AWS – G Cloud – Azure DevOps.

Next Step: Pilot Testing

We are currently searching for partners to help us
Pilot Test MedBrain in low-income nations